Kinek, a PUDO (CSE: PDO; OTCQB: PDPTF) service, has a nationwide network of trusted businesses, known as KinekPoints, who receive and store packages that are ordered online, from catalogues, or even sent from home during the holidays. Kinek pings customers with an email and optional text message by end of day of delivery to their KinekPoint, making the process convenient. This means no more missed deliveries and easy access for Canadians who purchase items in the U.S. and would like to ship them to the border.

Kinek’s primary focus in recent years has been its technology. Its web-based system has evolved into a world class package delivery system which includes features such as email, text, and push notifications, as well as, a full featured package inventory system. Kinek has also gone mobile with iOS and Android apps to enable customers to track their packages along the way. KinekPoint locations can log into their accounts and manage their package inventory and accept and log out packages in seconds.

Kinek also partners with e-commerce companies to fulfill their customers’ wants and needs and is able to provide consumers who shop online with an alternative address that is convenient for them. It’s a simple concept, but it speaks volumes when you really need it.