Edge Logistics, located in Blaine, Washington is one of Kinek’s busiest KinekPoints along the border and they provide a variety of services to Canadian cross border shoppers. With a large warehouse and forklift to receive items on pallets consumers and businesses alike ship their items to Edge, and most are repeat customers. Vancouver is roughly 45 minutes from the border and the savings people find in the U.S. far outweighs the gas and time it takes to retrieve their packages.

Edge Logistics is an official KinekPoint parter and has enjoyed thousands of new users from the Kinek partnership. Owner, Dennis Wilson, has been quoted to say “We’ve upgraded our storage space 3 times since joining the Kinek network.” With more and more Canadians shipping to the border to save money and partners such as Kinek building a secure network that people can trust is making businesses like Edge Logistics a hot commodity and busy place to visit.

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