Frequent Traveler

Vacations/Business trips

Need to receive packages while travelingAnother very popular use of Kinek is while on vacation or on a business trip. Why?

  • Ever traveled and wished you could mail something ahead to pick up when you arrived? This is becoming more and more popular because airlines are charging more than ever before for checked luggage.
  • Most hotels won’t let you have items shipped to them. By using Kinek, you can have online orders sent to a KinekPoint near your hotel. No need to deal with the hotel or worry about the safety of the package.
  • RV owners are on the road all the time, moving from state to state. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have access to a nationwide network of over 700 delivery locations where you can have online/catalogue orders shipped to?
  • Business trips. Have a meeting in Miami? Denver? Houston? San Francisco? Anywhere in the United States? Need to have something shipped in advance of the tradeshow. Chances are we have a conveniently located KinekPoint near your destination that you can use to have online orders shipped to. (top)