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University Students

Why University KinekOnline shopping
Living in residence or in a student community makes it difficult for students to receive packages from online shopping. Many e-commerce sites won’t ship to residences, forcing students to find other places to have their packages delivered. If you live off campus, chances are you spend most of your day in class, which means you aren’t home during the day for package deliveries.

By signing up for Kinek, you can avoid all these situations by shipping directly to a local KinekPoint. Your package will never be missed, since all our locations are open during delivery hours, and, more often than not, into the evenings and weekends as well.

Care packages from home
Not only can you use KinekPoints for online shopping, but you can also have packages shipped to you from friends and family. Don’t worry about missing that exam care package from Mom, just have her send it to you using your Kinek shipping address!