You Work During the Day

You work all day

not at homeThe biggest problem with ordering something online is that courier companies attempt to deliver packages during hours that most of us are at work. Since most of us aren’t at home, we get that pesky missed delivery slip stuck on our front door, or have our expensive order left on our front step.

By using Kinek’s network of alternate delivery locations called (KinekPoints), you will never have to worry about missing a delivery again or having one left on your front step. You simply use our site to find a KinekPoint that is close to your home, work, or daily commute and register with Kinek to have your packages shipped to it. As soon as your package arrives at a KinekPoint, you will receive an instant text message (SMS) and email notification letting you know it’s ready to be picked up. Just drop by to pick up your package(s) when it is convenient for you!