Cross Border Shopping

Canadian cross-border shopping

Shipping to the borderOne of the most popular uses of the KinekPoint network is that we enable almost 15 million Canadians to use our border locations as their US shipping address. Canadians use our border KinekPoints because many e-commerce companies won’t ship to Canada. Even if they will ship to Canada, they often charge expensive brokerage and international shipping fees.

Not only can Canadians use our border locations to save on cross border shopping, but they can also use our extensive network of authorized KinekPoint locations throughout the US. Going to Florida on vacation? Order online and have your items waiting for you at a KinekPoint near your hotel when you arrive! Same goes for any other state and city!

By shipping to one of Kinek’s many border KinekPoints, Canadians can order from US companies and benefit from the greater selection of products, much lower prices, and a strong Canadian dollar. When your package arrives at one of our border locations, you will receive an instant text message (SMS) and email notification letting you know it is ready to be picked up. You can then drive down at a time convenient for you, pick it up, and bring it back across the border yourself. This lets you save hundreds, and sometimes thousands of dollars on your cross border shopping.