Retail Stores

What can Kinek do for businesses near the border?

  • Offer unique service to your community.
  • Increase foot traffic.
  • Establish new source of revenue.

By joining the Kinek network, you enable online and catalogue shoppers to have their orders delivered to your store. Our popular border network has locations at every major border crossing and at many smaller ones as well. This makes it convenient for Canadians who want to purchase items in the U.S. and cannot easily get them shipped to Canada. If you’re a business looking to be set up as a local pick-up location for your community (not international), we recommend you visit our parent company’s website, PUDO, and request to become a PUDOpoint.

How it works

Once you register with Kinek (give us a shout at [email protected] to get started), we’ll check if your business is the right fit for the network. Once approved, Kinek customers can view your business, its hours, and pricing for package receiving. If they like what they see, they can select your store to receive their orders and use a slightly modified version of your address when they order online. The package gets delivered to your store, you receive it, log it into your Kinek account, and type in the customer’s name/Kinek#. This triggers a delivery notification letting them know the package has arrived. You then place it in a safe spot until the customer comes in.

How to become a KinekPoint

Super simple. Visit our contact page, or call 1 (866) 451-5565.