Shipping to the Border

Shipping to the Border

What do I need in order to cross into the United States?
In order to pick up your packages you will need to cross the border. It is required that you have a passport (or a Nexus pass at Nexus enabled crossings).

What should I have when crossing back into Canada?
You should ensure that you have the order confirmation from the retailer (that shows the value of the item) with you when bringing your purchases back into Canada. You will need the order confirmation to determine how much money, if any, in fees you owe border services.

What fees will I have to pay at the border?
When crossing back into Canada keep in mind that there are fees you may have to pay. Usually you will have to pay the tax of the province you’re crossing back into (e.g., Ontario is 13%) you may also be required to pay duty on your items depending on what they are and where they were manufactured. By shipping to a border KinekPoint, you may avoid international shipping and brokerage fees, which are typically much greater than tax and duty.

Which border location is right for you?
To make it easy, we have broken down our locations by the Canadian cities/regions
they serve. Simply click on the name of the KinekPoint to view their profile
page and sign-up!


I want to use one of Kinek’s border KinekPoints as
my US shipping address, which one is closest to me?

Kinek has a network of KinekPoints all along the US/Canadian border that will
let you receive packages from US companies. In order to find one of these locations
and save it as your default KinekPoint, simply sign-up, complete your profile,
and then search the name of the border city you would like to ship to. For instance,
if you live in Toronto, you could search for “Buffalo, New York” or “Port Huron,
Michigan”. The map would then display the KinekPoints we have in the area. Simply
click on the location and then click the “Add this KinekPoint” button.

I don’t see any KinekPoints around me when I search
the map

Simply send us an email to [email protected] and we will work on acquiring a KinekPoint in your area.

1) If you’re Canadian, check to see if there is a KinekPoint in a border city
near you. If there is, you can use that location as your US shipping address
to save hundreds of dollars when shopping online by shipping packages there
from US retailers. No more brokerage or international shipping fees!

2) You can also use our nationwide network of KinekPoints when you’re travelling.
For instance, if you’re going to be in New York for meetings, use one of our
local KinekPoints to receive an online order while you’re there. Going to San
Francisco for vacation? Use one of our KinekPoints there to receive and hold
a package for you. (top)

What about Duties and Taxes?
Kinek does not collect duties and taxes on packages received at our border KinekPoints.
It is the responsibility of the customer to claim their items when crossing
the border and pay the appropriate fees. All products, including tobacco, face
duties and taxes if you have been out of the country for less than 24-hours. For more information about duties and taxes on items you bring across the border please contact Border Information Services at 1 (800) 461-9999.

Your personal exemption limits are*:

Out of the country for 24 hours: You can
claim up to $200 without paying any duties. IMPORTANT – you
cannot include tobacco or alcohol products in this exemption.
Out of the country for 48 hours or more:
You can claim up to $800 without paying any duties. For tobacco products, you
can claim up to 200 cigarettes, 50 cigars or cigarillos; and 200g (7 oz.) of
manufactured tobacco.

*Please note that these are for general information use only and exemption information
may have been updated by Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). For complete
personal exemption information, please visit:
. (top)

How long do I have until I need to pick-up my package?

Please visit your KinekPoints profile to view their storage capabilities. If a timeline for picking up your packages is not given, our standard 30 day policy applies. Your KinekPoints profile information overwrites our 30 day standard. In some circumstances, extended storage can be arranged for an additional fee. To view a KinekPoints profile log in to your Kinek account and navigate to “View hours & pricing”. (top)