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So, right about now you wondering why would I use Kinek? The reasons are different for everyone, so we have posted the main ones above. Do you or someone you know fall into any of these categories?

Kinek solves a frustration that many people have, and as we have discovered not too many people know how to fix it. How do I order online and receive my packages when and where I want? We know it is not always easy to do using the current methods offered by couriers but using Kinek makes it easy. Kinek now has over 1000 (and growing!) authorized KinekPoints across the United States and Canada ready to receive your packages.

KinekPoints solve the frustration involved with receiving packages from online and catalogue shopping, or even just receiving a package from friends or family. We’ve all dealt with coming home from work to find a “missed delivery” slip on our front door. You then spend the next day or two trying to track it down or arrange to be at home for the next delivery attempt. Sometimes delivery companies will even leave an expensive package sitting on your front step for anyone to come along and take, or for it to be rained or snowed on.

Whichever reason you chose to use Kinek, we have a reliable and safe network to ship your packages to.

*No matter what KinekPoint you ship to, you will receive an instant text message (SMS) and email notification when it arrives! You can even use Kinek to track your package for you and then pick it up at a time that is convenient for you when it is received at a KinekPoint.